About Us and Our Gamefowl

Most GameFowl Pages begin with a brief description about the farm, the breeder, and the location and size of the farm.

About Myself and Our Farm.

I was born in 1970 and been Breeding Gamefowl since 1985.  Hennys  are my Favorite fowl and I been breeding them since 1990. The farm is operated by me and my family (Wife, Daugther,  and Son).  We are located in California, on a very extreme weather area (summers here get 120+, winter about low 30's).  We have about 15+ acres of land, but we only use about 3+ acres for our penned and walked fowl.  NATURE is our #1 culling tool.   

WEAK individuals never made it trough the summer. There may not be wild cats, cougars,  bears, nor Raccons.  But we  got plenty of Owls, Hawks, Skunks, and Coyotes.

We consider ourselves a Small Farm

We hatch an average of 600 baby chicks and raise an average of 250 stags a season.  After culling we end up with 180-200 Stags.


 We breed 40 Hens per season. (at least 4 hens out of ea breed).  Our Goal is to raise at least 15-20 stags out of each breed
(after Culling). 

Our plan is to increase the number of chicks/stags per season  without increasing the number of brood hens simply by the use of Incubator hens/Incubator. So hopefully eventually we will raise at least 10 stags per hen (after Culling).

About Our Breeding Program

We dont breed  "NAMES" Nor  "PURE" Fowl.  We believe in Properly selected SINGLE Matings to Produce BROOD Fowl or SHOW Fowl. 

We believe in Hard Work,  365 days of care, good feed,  Cull Hard, and to Raise Enough Individuals of each line to Properly Select.  We Believe in SELECTION, SELECTION, and more SELECTION.

We have spend a great deal of time and money to obtain bloodlines that meet our ideals. There is No Perfect Fowl, but ours is as close as it gets to our ideal. 

The BEST Fowl we have Obtained has been trough FRIENDSHIP.


We do single matings of:  Brother/Sister, 1/2 Brother/1/2 Sister, Father/Daugther, Mother/Son, Cousins, Aunt/Nephew, Unkle/Niece, Grandson/GrandMother, Etc.  Each pen is evaluated for the quality of the stags/pullets produced,  the best are kept, the rest make good fried chicken.

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