Verdugo Blue Hennys

99.9% Mug Type Fowl that we got as a present from our very good friend Richard Kelley of Alabama. Straight Comb. Dark Legged. Aprox. 80% Black Eyes and Face (Mulberry Face). About 1/2 of them come HENNY Feathered the other 1/2 come Regular ROOSTER featherd.  Big Bonned, Heavy Feathered, High Station. Like any other Blue Family they range from Solid Black, Black-Red, Brown-Red, Solid Blue, Blue Spangle. I been breeding towards the darker side, sometimes I still get a Blue Spangle.

Blue Cock Henny Feather

Blue Cock Regular Rooster Feather

Blue Stag Regular Rooster Feather

Blue Cock Regular Rooster Feather

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