Chocolate (Dunn) Hennys

 90 % Whitehackle Type fowl that we received as a present from our Very Good Friend. Richard Kelley of Alabama. Straight Comb. 80% white/yellow legged (The others will be willow or slate legged), Red Eyes. 1/2 of them come HENNY Feathered the other 1/2 come Regular ROOSTER Feathered. Most will come Chocolate (Dunn), Red-Dunn, or Ivory Color. A few will come Pyle-Ivory. The foundation line has been inbreed for over 80 years. Medium Station.

                       Chocolate (Dunn) Ivory Color Stag Henny Feather.

 Chocolate (Dunn) Ivory Color Cock Henny Feather.


Chocolate (Dunn) Stag Henny Feather.


 Chocolate (Dunn) Cock Henny Feather.

 Chocolate (Dunn) Ivory Color Henny Cock.

 Chocolate (Dunn) Cock Henny Feather.

 Chocolate (Dunn) Ivory-Pyle Color Henny Feather.

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